MAGA: Coronavirus Spreads Into the Red States

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    An Associated Press analysis of coronavirus case data “shows the virus has moved — and is spreading quickly — into Republican areas, a new path with broad potential political ramifications.”

    “States that President Trump won in the 2016 election account for about 75% of the new cases, a trend that has accelerated since the end of May. Counties that voted for Trump in 2016 have seen cases and deaths rising — now seeing an impact nearly even with counties that voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton.”
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    Le drumpf is finished this time lmao blumpf bad the blumpf virus is infecting magatards lmao

    tagging @Here4money to let him know I already posted his reply for him.
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    rent free...jump for me doggy
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    Of course he is not finished, rich white guys with inherited money never get finished, only their dumb followers with daddy issues do.
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    “Florida reported 11,458 new coronavirus cases on Independence Day, shattering its record for daily reported cases in the state since the pandemic began,” the Orlando Sentinel reports.

    “The single-day record was last broken on Thursday with over 10,000 new cases.”
  6. The lesson here is many Americans have to be beaten over the head with a hammer repetitively until they take a social problem seriously. Tragic but not surprising Trump sets the lead and his mostly brain dead die hard followers are out there helping spread their special charms.
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    Wearing mask is a conspiracy and the virus is a hoax designed to harm Trump's election chances.
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    New York Times: “Like New York City in March, the Houston hospitals are experiencing a steep rise in caseloads that is filling their beds, stretching their staffing, creating a backlog in testing and limiting the availability of other medical services. Attempts to buy more supplies — including certain protective gear, vital-sign monitors and testing components — are frustrated by weeks of delays, according to hospital leaders.”
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    pssst--it was already in Red States. By the way, deaths are much lower now. In fact 2/3 of Texas counties have no deaths. The majority of deaths are in Democrat strongholds.
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    AZ has activated "crisis standard of care". Yes, it's an euphemism for "start rationing care". GOP death panels will likely prioritize whitey who's may have means to pay the hospital bill.
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