Madonna-"I'll Kick Palin''s Ass"

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  1. Madonna might be a slut,but shes much smarter and far more talented then Palin who couldn't make it as a beauty queen or news anchor

    Shes worth 300 mill,shes knows that if you're in your 40's its better to adopt then take the risks of having a sick kid, and I bet she wont have a knocked up teen slut daughter.

    If they fought,my moneys on Madonna
  2. You seem impressed that media/cultural elites make their hundreds of millions off the hard working backs of middle-class America. Do these assholes feel humbled that they made Forbes list selling shit? No. Instead they contribute-hell craft-the destruction of American decency, know-how and values. She's a FUCKING DANCER worth a few hundred mil. She's a whore, a greedy cunt who takes advantage of her workers, a cypher. We'll all die soon enough. I yearn to see some die sooner than others.

  3. When Madonna cheats on her husband,she cheats with Álex Rodríguez

    When Palin cheats on her husband,she cheats with this guy



    probably this guy too :eek:

  4. And the McCain's are worth 100 million from alcohol.How many families destroyed due to drinking problems,lives loss due to alcohol related traffic accidents etc

  5. I will GUARANTEE A-Rod would never hit that skank. Even Dennis Rodman was grossed out by her. So was Canseco. Madonna makes Sandra Bernhard look hot. Face it, she's hideous. With crabs too. That book Sex? Fifty bucks and I lost my friggin' hard on. Shit she was butt ugly when she was 25. Now she's downright scary.....

  6. I agree. I think it's ridiculous that a beer distributer can make that kind of fortune but at least Cindy McCain looks clean and is humble. When she's dressed down she reminds me of Aimee Mann with a better nose.....:)
  7. I agree shes ugly now,but i thought she was hot at 25

    Regardless to how we think she look,she has bagged quite a few famous guys,and A Rod did hit it(don't know why,we are in agreement she is hideous now)

    Report: Alex Rodriguez in late night visits to Madonna's apartment

    Updated Tuesday, July 1st 2008, 3:09 PM

    Alex Rodriguez has made "numerous" late-night visits to Madonna's Central Park West apartment, according to a published report.

    Rodriguez, 32, has been seen arriving alone, according to US Weekly, and sneaks out of Madge's building "as late as midnight," a source told the magazine, adding, "all the doormen are talking."
  8. Cindy reminds me of the cryptkeeper


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