Madoff's Victims Have Recovered All Their Losses Plus

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  1. Is it true that Madoff's victims have recovered all their losses plus interest? Judging from the huge returns from Picard's efforts ( $10 billion has been recovered) , it appears that more funds have been recovered than originally lost. What a weird turn of events.....
  2. Where's the math? Sixty billion lost... How many dollars recovered?

  3. I think he means original investment. $60bb was not lost when there was never $60bb to begin with.
  4. Correct, the original investment only-- it appears that the amount recovered supercedes the original invested amount----
  5. It looks like actual cash losses were about $20B. (early 60's)

    Fantasy return of 65b.

    Jeepers, Madoff didn't even beat the rate of inflation.
  6. i mean if he only went for 12 % returns why didn't he just get that instead of running a ponzi scheme? Or did he simply pocket all the money?
  7. The best managers on earth can not get 12% consistently over the years. Only on elite trader.
  8. Jewish money always gets recovered, sad that this is not the case for regular folk.
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