Madoff's offshore assets to be kept secret

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    A federal judge ordered Madoff to provide the commission with an account of all investments, loans, lines of credit, business interests, brokerage accounts and other holdings. The court
    did not authorise its public disclosure, said a commission spokesman, Andrew Calamari, who confirmed receipt of the list.

    "I think one of the fears here is that much of this money may be in offshore funds," said Professor John Coffee, of Columbia Law School, adding the commission wanted to keep the assets secret to protect them. "There is the danger that foreign regulators and foreign creditors may seek to seize that money if the names and sources are made public."

    However the Wayne Madsen Report comments:

    Here is one secret: Much of Madoff's loot is sitting in Israeli banks. It has been reported to WMR that Israeli restaurants and stores are packed with people and that Israelis are flush with money with Israeli banks sitting in favorable financial positions. Now compare Israel to the United States, Britain, and the harder hit nations of Iceland, Ireland, and Latvia. It does not take a financial wizard to figure out where the world's money has gone and to whom.
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    Did do much to help the TA-25 which is down to 700 from 1100.
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    Watch for Madoff connections to Russian/Israeli mafia.

    Madoff is following the script.

  4. With all due seriousness and respect - why trash people who live in trailers to condemn antisemitism? There are antisemites living in mansions as well. In fact there are "societally smart" antisemites as well - note I did not say right or correct in their beliefs, just "societally smart" - one of them - Henry Ford for one.

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  6. Pfft...everyone knows Madoff's money is in the hands of the martians. Now that's the mother of all off-shore accounts! :p
  7. sumosam


    This will not help Israel's image.
    There are many calls for Israel boycotts. But it won't matter, as they have the lions share of the worlds money.

    Israel can bomb refugee shelters, brake international laws....but, it cannot be criticized, even by Jews, and rabbis lest they be labelled anti=semites.:D :D
  8. What better way to hide money then in your own home country?:p

    Somebody needs a common sense lesson :D
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    Criticizing Madoff for what he did is not antisemitic unless it is suggested that Jews are predisposed to do such things.

    Criticizing Israel for what is does is not antisemitic unless it is suggested that its Jewish nature is what causes it to do evil things.
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    You mean it isn't??

    /ducks :D
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