Madoff's fraud $100 billion

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Is Madoff's fraud worth $100 billion?

  1. $50 billion

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  2. $50 billion - $100 billion

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  3. more than $100 billion

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  1. talknet


    There is good possibility Madoff's fraud is worth $100 billion & more. Madoff is lying.

    The world economy has lost $60 Trillion and more.

    Anything can happen in this "Ponzi world."
  2. talknet


    There are many Tax-haven places such as Belize, Seychelles, British Virgin islands, Cayman islands.

    Companies and rich people can hide money and evade taxes in these tax-haven places because they are completely anonymous.
  3. talknet


    50% of all the managers in Giant banks & Giant companies are frauds. These managers acquire business contracts through bribes, contacts and illegal activities.

    The remaining 50% managers are honest but they do not have business brains.

    My True example-: 2 years back I had a discussion with a manager of a multi-billion company and he said "no" to my business deal.

    After 5 days, I had a discussion with the CEO of the same company and the CEO immediately agreed to my business deal. CEO said "excellent business deal".

    It is highly surprising that the $1400 Trillion world economy is run by Frauds & fools.

    The falling giant banks & giant companies are indicators of approaching massive financial catastrophe which is $1200 Trillion loss to the world economy

    Barack Obama's home state "Chicago" is famous for corruption. Few days back somebody was trying to sell Obama's vacant senator position.

    There is high possibility Barack Obama bribed his way to USA presidency.

    Barack Obama is the "biggest fool" in this world. It is highly surprising how did Obama became USA President.

    What further improvements and better policies can Barak Obama make which George Bush could not make. It is a dead end and there is no way out. It's over.

    George Bush was the Best-ever USA President.

    Barack Obama is also a Muslim. Maybe Obama is an Al-Qaeda Spy/operative now controlling USA president position.

    USA army should over-throw the government and gain 100% control over USA administration. Barak Obama & his team is too weak, incompetent and useless.
  4. cstfx


    you are a f*king idiot. Do you even think before you write?

  5. talknet


    I do not need to think. I know what is going on in this world. That's what I write.
  6. cstfx


    I believe that says it all.
  7. I'll second you on the moron call..

    Considering throwing the towel in on ET.. This place is absolutely boring and the people that do most of the posting are absolutely stupid.

    Any other forums to go to?
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    x's 3
  9. Uh... Yeah, right. Probably because the world wasn't ready for candied yo-yos.

    If you are such a high-flying businessman, why do you constantly write with the grasp of a high school student??
  10. I heard this weeks ago. You might be guessing. I don't guess. And, that the money is offshore with a famous partner. Should make for interesting reading.

    I'm thinking, after the Bruno thing, he wiped out the pensions of the upstate NY trade Unions. So far, only Schenectady Carpenters' are public. But figure. He took in 150mm, which is all profit if you're going to steal it. How hard is it to grease some palms, and get more and more under your umbrella.

    Nasty, nasty stuff. America will hate Wall St. for a generation.
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