Madoff's daugther-in-law has a new book

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    Excerpts from the book:

    "Stephanie vehemently defends her husband, saying that she never doubted his innocence for a second. According to her, Mark and Andy ran a completely separate business from their father, and when investigators found about $140 million in signed “bonus” checks in a desk drawer when they raided Bernie’s office, “that was a $140 million holdup-in-progress that my husband and his brother stopped. I was enormously proud that I was with the man who did the right thing... He was a hero.”

    First suicide atempt:

    "Picard suggested that Mark, “of all the people that should have known… should have known.” Mark was furious and 19 days later, he tried to kill himself. ... Mark left just before 9 a.m., and then went missing. She called 911, and later, when the apartment was surrounded by police, he returned. “I took 30 Ambiens and did not expect to wake up. What the fuck does a guy have to do to kill himself?” he said. He had checked into a nearby hotel and swallowed the pills, leaving a note on the night table: “Bernie: Now you know how you have destroyed the lives of your sons by your life of deceit. Fuck you.” He was taken to the psychiatric emergency unit, and discharged after a week."
  2. “of all the people that should have known… the SEC "should have known.”
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    They knew, (they were notified) they just ignored it..

    Now if Mark was clearly just ignorant, he should have written a book, explain himself, donate the profits to the victims and he could have cleared himself in the court of public opinion. Better to look stupid than guilty. Instead he decided to leave his young kid fatherless....
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    My guess is Mark killed himself because he figured he was going to be left penniless and perhaps in jail.