Madoff Took Billions....Banks Took Trillions

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  1. So ...What is the difference between Madoff taking $billions....and the banks blowing off $Trillions ?

    The money is gone either way....

    Furthermore .....there has been no reprimand or attempt to prosecute any of those responsible who are still sitting on ill gotten bonuses....who earned a few $million in commissions off of squandering away via stupidity amounts that make Madoff look small....

    Bogus bonuses
    Rating Agencies Payments
    Management/bonus conflicts
    Limited liability to corporate officers (still this way)
    SEC Employee rolodex legal career conflicts
    Political representatives conflicts

    Too big to fail or too big to jail ?

    The people involved in the grandest scam of all time involving what was really CCC paper....

    Are walking away scott free after sticking it to millions of people across the globe....

    Where is JUSTICE ?
  2. I would settle for seeing Obama's birth certificate.
  3. Since you asked :cool:
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    Here's justice; they should jail anyone who whines

    through out history, it's the average stupid human being that is always wrong, if they weren't so stupid they wouldn't be scammed so easily

    the minority has always had to pay the price of the stupidity of the majority who have always given rise to a bunch of morons from amongst themselves and given them the power to f*k with everyone's lives
  5. vault copy EVER SHOWN YET! If it was that easy, the Supreme Court would have dismissed every challenge IMMEDIATELY!

    Again.....Vault Copy of the Birth Certificate is a different document then the one you can get many days AFTER the birth (which is the Certificate of Birth you have linked). A true at birth hospital issued Birth Certificate will normally have the hospital name and doctors name listed on the document. :)

    On the "Certification of Live Birth" you have linked, I love how the revision date on the form is dated (11/01) but the birth was in 1961! :D
  6. Sorry for us all....probably not in our lifetimes! :eek: