Madoff to forfeit 170 billion!

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    Taking everything from him including his wifes assets. I say let Madoff go free. Let him get a job as a greeter at wal-mart. Dont make us taxpayers give him free room & board and 3 square meals per day. It would be poetic justice to see him working for minimum wage somewhere. Prison would not be as much as a punishment as being a wal-mart greeter after living the lifestyle he was used to living.
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    There has been several people that I've wished that fate upon.
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    I'd love to see that too. Problem is, his investors would have him dead in a NY minute if he was out on the streets. Well, maybe that isn't such a problem. LOL!:D
  4. Considering that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Larry Ellison have less than $130 Billion in net worth according to Forbes, this court judgment of $170 Billion is little more than a complete joke. Sheesh.

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    Agreed! Where is $170B going to come from? A turnip?
  6. He could try paying using fake t bonds. Seem to be trillions of those floating around.
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    Stripped starkers and put in a pillory in Times Square for 24 hours might deter a few ponzi wannabees.

    Each robbed investor being allowed 6 six strokes of the cane on him too !!
  8. Clearly, you've never been in prison. Prison is exactly where he belongs. The question is, will he be in prison, or some white collar country club of a prison. If it's the later, then I would agree with your scenario.
    The most appropriate punishment would be to execute his entire family and then send him to prison with the knowledge that his crimes caused the death of his entire family.
  9. Hell yeah! It's called deterrence. These criminals in suits are pansies, kill their family and they'll think twice.

    What would be wrong would be to have Madoff steal billions for decades, then he gives it back, and he's let go. Sure, let me steal from banks then..
  10. Letting his wife keep 2.5 million is like letting Eva Braun keep the castle in Braunschweig
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