Madoff movie trailer- In God We Trust

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  2. Looks interesting, thanks for posting.
  3. I'm shocked......the wife has tons of money.....loves the ATM card....and definitely knows it all.....but when push comes to shove, she abandons her "love" to save herself. maybe my wife is this cold hearted, but i'm betting she isn't. but who knows.

    women love money
    women marries money
    money dries up
    women does anything for money

    "for better or for worse"*

    *unless he launders money
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    Will see the movie.

    My question, where are all the arrests from this disaster?!?!? NO WAY the guy acted alone! Totally impossible! When I was a retail advisor, I had close to $20M AUM and needed staff help 50hrs+ a week. This shitbag had $50BILLION AUM, and "acted alone." Ok...
  5. The hedge fund business is very different from the advisory business where you are handling nest eggs of dentists and doctors, small biz owners. He could have easily acted alone.
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  7. Seems like another ChopChop documentary. chop in some news clips, a few talking head interviews (that already repeat what they said in news interviews in the past)

    Its hard to make a good documentary, I just do not see a good one here.
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    His brother got a few years too, and the sons were investigated along with the secretary. But yeah, the show was ran buy at least 2-3 people... Somebody had to fake the monthly statements...

    Also, the sons deserved what came to them for being Harward educated idiots. The red flags were published back in 2005 I think, if they didn't see the problems, they were part of it...
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    Just what the fuck are you mumbling about? This is the secretary in the trailer. In real life the wife lost pretty much everything. If she knew something, Madoff could have taken her down. Since he didn't, who are you to tell him/her to do otherwise?

    Stop being an ass....
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    I guess I can see that. I just thought to myself, how are they going to fake all those quarterlies? Guess it can happen. Scary!:eek:
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