Madoff: Lifestyles of the rich and infamous

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    Why do apartments in those old building cost so much? Just so the residents can say they live on the upper west side? Old buildings like that in San Diego rent out apartments for about $1000 a month and they have constant vacancies. Inever understood the allure of living in those types of buildings. I would never want to live in a common entrance building, whether it had a doorman or not.
  2. It's the Upper EAST side.

    They cost so much because of supply and demand. The Upper East Side is a good neighbourhood and you're trying to cram millions of people on a 13 mile island.

    All apartments are insanely expensive. Here's a link to an article about the cost of living in NYC relative to other parts of the country. You need a 6 figure income just live like someone making $26K in other parts of the country.
  3. I think it is incredible he is still alive.
  4. Apartments don't cost too much, people pay for the land cost buried in the price of the apartment.
  5. WOW!!

    you amercians get an extremely cheap living costs compared to here in UK!! :eek: :eek: :confused:
  6. huh? what's cheap about that? If rent and whatnot is so much more expensive in the UK than it is here, I guess you guys spend a lot larger proportion of your income on housing? Here many people spend more than 50% of their (gross!!!) income just to finance a house. (I am definitely not one of those, btw.)

    What's the ratio in the UK?

  7. in uk a tiny little 1bedroom flat in crappy area will cost you $200,000 t $250,000.

    in london that same size flat will cost between $600,000 t $3million

    And out of earning if you earn £1,000 per month after tax (i dont pay tax) :), you will spend about £650 on rent.