Madoff investor commits suicide in New York

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  1. Is Madoff on suicide watch too?

    PARIS: The co-founder of a firm that raised money in Europe to be invested with alleged Wall Street fraudster Bernard Madoff committed suicide Tuesday in New York, French newspaper La Tribune reported.

    It said Thierry de la Villehuchet, 65, co-founder of Access International, a fund management company, had been "unable to resist the pressures that followed the eruption of the scandal."

    "He took his life this morning in New York in his office," the paper said, citing someone close to him.

    It said that for the past week "he had tried night and day to recover funds committed by his investors and had begun legal action in the United States against US authorities."

    Madoff is accused of having directed a huge fraud scheme, known as a Ponzi pyramid, that cost investors around the world 50 billion dollars. He is currently free on bail of 10 million dollars as police continue a probe.
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    Imo Madoff is a psychopath, he doesn't care, he isn't able too. Brain doesn't work right.
  3. Suicide wouldn't be a bad option for him. It's the only way out.
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    My guess is that he has another way out....
  5. You mean vanishing? The whole world is watching him now.
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    With the $hit$torm that is coming Madoff will be yesterday's news before long.
  7. What pressures?

    Just how ridiculous are some rich people? He should take a walk around NYC and see people with some real pressures, no home, no family and barely anything to eat. Let alone see what happens in third world countries.

    It's just hard to have sympathy, I'm sorry, but it is. I do kinda feel sorry for his family.
  8. into a restroom

    down a hole into a storm sewer

    up into a delivery truck parked over a manhole, into a 55 gal drum

    then anywhere into a maze of the most complex luxury fugative life ever - does anyone think this guy wouldnt have a "PLAN B" with incredible disguises, identities, locations, properties, numbered accounts all over the world? a fragmented plan where no one else knows more than 10 percent of it- or would that be TOO DISHONEST for him?

    anyone see the smirks on his face? he'd ENJOY it!

    there's vacation properties all over the place, time shared much of the time. if he had a bunch of these created (years ago) with different disguises, under different aliases, like in 'shawshank redemption', who'd know when he shows up and assumes the identities, for short periods of time? the world, including the USA is an incredibly corrupt place - pay one installment of blackmail when a location or situation gets 'hot', then bugout down another rabbit hole, off to the next local and identity

    witness protection program-like life of the rich and famous

    anyone who thinks that a creater of a scheme like this wouldnt have a back door out is nuts

    he has everything to gain, and nothing to lose by running
  9. Well, why did he turn himself in if he has some elaborate escape plan now? He could have gotten at least a few days head start and not to mention could have moved money around first in order to have some access to cash before anyone knew he was running a Ponzi. He probably still would have been caught eventually but he could have gotten a few more years of the good life. His odds of escaping now are far less than they would have been before. I think he is just glad to stop the charade/stress/lies and is probably resigned to prison for the remaining years of his life. You often hear about criminals actually being glad they were caught because living with the crime is worse than the punishment sometimes.
  10. "Well, why did he turn himself in if he has some elaborate escape plan now?"

    did he?

    i thought his sons turned him in

    anyway, the transition from big shot to luxury fugative might not alwyas be a smooth one

    but i still say he runs
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