Madoff in fisticuffs

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  1. over economic argument with a fellow inmate.

    Convicted fraudster Bernie Madoff has been involved in a prison-yard brawl with one of his fellow prisoners over the state of the economy, it has emerged.
    Madoff, 71, was heard getting involved in an argument with another elderly prisoner about the financial markets before the disagreement turned physical.
    And according to eyewitnesses, it was Madoff, who is currently serving 150 years for Wall Street's biggest-ever investment fraud, had the

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  2. nothing a little tossed salad wouldn't fix
  3. seems some Et'ers been spending some time in the big house
  4. who would have thought? madoff follows the economy?
  5. bathrobe


    I read Madoff yelled "I gonna F*** you till you love me" before entering into fisticuffs. He was channeling Tyson.

    Since it is now lights out that is probably happening now.