Madoff: HSBC And UBS Are Going To "Have Problems"

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  1. JPMorgan will pay a "big settlement," says Bernie Madoff, because senior execs knew "what was going on."

    While Bernie Madoff scammed investors out of billions of dollars, the bank saw $100 billion go in and out, and did nothing, he told the Financial Times.

    Madoff said: “JPMorgan doesn’t have a chance in hell of not coming up with a big settlement.”

    "I am not a banker but I know that $100bn going in and out of a bank account is something that should alert you to something."

    "JPMorgan got all the financial statements."

    "There were senior people at the bank who knew what was going on," he emphasized, without naming anyone. There will be a big interview with Madoff in this weekend's Financial Times.
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    Plenty of murders happen in Jail. He's becoming a pest to some powerful interests. I'd watch the Coffee if I were you Bernie.
  3. If madoff is a pest, why is main stream media interviewing madoff frequently.

    Anybody who speaks truth against powerful interests, should be be silenced?

    Are powerful interests, Gods? The answer is "no".

    The powerful interests and people cannot do anything since they are not God.
  4. Why do people think powerful interests and powerful people cannot die but all other people will die. Nobody is God in this world. Only God cannot die. If God dies the universe (sun, moon, etc) will be destroyed.
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    There are other heads that need to roll besides his from the crisis. If he can sink the other rats, more power to him.
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    Because he's a good story that's why, only a moron wouldn't want to get a story or sound bite from him.

    As for God, sorry you're delusional if you think he exists. I've said it for a long time now - when I see somebody walking on water and/or turning water into wine then I'll re-evaluate.
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    Bernanke is turning thin air into money....:D
  8. Powerful and rich people and powerful interest have a bad habit of travelling by planes and planes have a bad habit of crashing. Nobody survives serious plane crash.

    USA presidential plane, Air force one, is 25 years old. I always think what if Air force one crashes.
  9. Perhaps they should have known, but this is utterly retarded. He's in prison and won't name names... there is nothing here.
  10. If a person is not attacked by dangerous animals then this person is God's chosen person. This person is directly related to God. I know some people who are not attacked by dangerous animals.
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