Madoff hospitalized after assault

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    "broken ribs, a collapsed lung and facial fractures"

    He got messed up bad. They probably believe he has money stashed somewhere, they will try to beat it out of him.
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    I thought this kind of stuff was rare in Federal prison, especially Butner, which is stuffed with older white collar criminals.
  4. Hardly. The average Wall St. puss will not fare well in Fed Penitentiary.

    Many desperados commiting Federal crimes besides the white collar variety.
  5. Good, hope he receives more of that.
  6. Lock up ANY subset of ANY population, and you'll soon find out who the lions are.
  7. update.

    Prisons: Madoff had dizziness, high blood pressure

    BUTNER, N.C. – The federal Bureau of Prisons says Bernard Madoff is being treated at a prison medical center for dizziness and hypertension.

    Spokeswoman Traci Billingsley says Madoff is being treated at a hospital at the Butner federal prison in North Carolina. The 71-year-old disgraced financier was moved there Friday.

    Lawyer Ira Sorkin says Madoff has "had some dizzy spells and some high blood pressure."

    Billingsley said Thursday that Madoff was not assaulted at the prison.

    Duke University Medical Center earlier said Madoff had been treated there. But spokeswoman Debbe Geiger says the hospital had never had a patient by that name.

    Madoff has been imprisoned since March after pleading guilty to fraud and admitting cheating thousands of investors out of billions of dollar
  8. "........stuffed older white guys." Could be a PPV special right there.

    "Tonight! Madoff investors think THEY took it in the ass. Tune in a 9, and you'll see they aren't alone."

    I 'm hoping he goes the Speck route, starts to like it, gets those injections where he grows breasts.