Madoff dying of cancer, fellow inmates say: report

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  2. Think they'll give him compassionate leave to Libya?
  3. Just wait for the wrongful death suit from the family when he dies and they claim inadequate care in Prison.
  4. WTF!?! How are inmates cooking in their cells? I know sandwich wraps don't require cooking specifically but where are they getting the food?
  5. If hes really dying of pancreatic cancer, then thats good. We the taxpayers wont have to spend that much money for the cost of keeping him in prison.

    Pancreatic cancer at the stage he supposedly has, has a low survivability rate. There wont be a any lawsuit from his family against the prison.

  6. You can by food at the commissary. Most prisons/jails have a day of the week when well behaved inmates can buy food with their own dough.
  7. buy*
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    What are the gangs trying to recruit him for? LOL
  9. Florida will want a free-trade agreement first:

    "Condos to Camels"
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