Madoff client list

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  1. havent read the list yet but i have seen this on dutch tv channel,
    our queen (netherlands) was also involved with a estimated 100
    million eur and i am sure she wasn't his biggest investor
  2. those idiots deserve it
  3. Strangely enough, they listed the private addresses of many of the clients. Brilliant..
  4. dve250


    What idiots would make a list without putting the last name first? Our govment idiots I suppose.
  5. Simply because Madoff was a fraud does not necessarily make his clients idiots.

    Here's a little tip: Not everything in your head needs to get said.
  6. I tried to start a new thread about this, but I suppose I will just post to this - further to the media reports today that Madoff's attorney Ira Sorkin was on the list of clients/victims, how on earth does it not constitute a conflict of interest for Mr. Sorkin to continue representing Madoff at any criminal or civil proceedings?

    ...And shouldn't Sorkin have disclosed his investment relationship with Madoff at the first arraignments?
  7. it's in public records.
  8. People are saying the Madoff Ponzi scheme was a fake to give the rich a huge tax write off for legitimate losses in 08.
  9. I thought that was a secret.
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