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  1. mind


    and stocks are not collapsing. now, this is either the best
    preparation for a rally, since the market ignores bad news
    in size. or, which i tend to believe, after all the horrible
    events of recent months, the market does not at all realize
    what kind of news the most recent really are: devastating,
    even by the terms this year already established.

    madoff and citadel are per se issues. but they will trigger
    chain reactions. investors will have to write each and
    every engagement in madoff to zero by monday. and
    if they are honest to themselves citadel's -50% and suspension
    of redemption indicates that conservatively you have to
    write that down much further as well.

    now, many many pension funds were invested with
    these two. things come to a point where not even the
    combined force of all governments can seriously buy
    out all parts of all economies. don't forget that even
    the government finally pays stuff out of ... the economy.
    there is a limit to everything.
  2. on top of that we will soon have:

    - coming isreali attack on iran, the question is only when
    - another false flag operation on american soil probably much bigger than 9/11
    - continuation of stealing people's wealth on a MASSIVE scale by the military complex (pentagon), current total figure is around $4-6T ($2.3T admitted by Rumsfeld in Sep'01)
    - the collapse of retirement plans in Europe and U.S. just in time when baby boomers will start to retire

    while ~95% of the population still having no slightest clue what's really going on. which opens doors for the ruling class to do practically everything they want.
  3. Closer to 10 trillion according to Catherine Austin Fitts (Fitts served as managing director and member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., as Assistant Secretary of Housing/Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration)
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    Good luck predicting the reaction. I personally have never found soothsaying a reliable method for making trading profits.
  5. mind


    agreed. we are doing systematic trading. the only time
    we intervene is occasions like this - i do not want to be
    massive long come monday morning. but the systems
    don't intend to be anyways.

    even as a system trader you end up thinking about the
    overall situation - at least i do. i find this madoff thing
    as weird as this socgen trader: in the midst of every
    trouble possible you have some breathtaking fraud as
    kind of cream on top of the already icy cake ...