Madoff and family will be dead or MIA.

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  1. I predict that some of the folks he swindled are not exactly your regular working joe but probably connected with organized crime etc.. ie: pay up or get chopped up type folks.

    Forget Jail, I would not be surprised if his children/family get capped as well. Law of the street, when you fuck with the mob you pay a bigger price.
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    madoff clients were regular charity foundations and regular institutioal investors who just wanted a safe investment getting 10% return.

    organized type investors want like 100% per year roi or something other use for the broker and they can make more money elsewhere.

  3. You watch too much 'toons.
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    Yeah, he'll be just as dead as Kenny boy Lay. ;)
  5. Nahh, it's just the story line for the Sopranos movie. Tony and the rest of the New Jersey crime family lose millions when finding out they had millions with Madoff. So they go on a quest to kill him and launder his stashed billions threw the Vatican Bank. :D
  6. i've always wondered what has become of every person who was a signatory to his death

    you can buy a congressman and a senator, why not a medical examiner?
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    Actually something similar happened in 1982. You should read the story of Roberto Calvi. Indeed, Mafia and the Vatican were involved.
    In July 1991, the Mafia pentito (a mafioso turned informer) Francesco Marino Mannoia claimed that Roberto Calvi had been killed because he had lost Mafia funds when Banco Ambrosiano collapsed