Madoff advised the SEC on how to regulate markets

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    Wonder if this guy has any good stories about the Sec, or if he will go quietly.
  2. The SEC was in communication with Madoff. And was determined to look the other way (an investigation of 2 years ago turned up nothing).

    This amounts to tacit permission to continue the fraud.
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    i'm really serious.

    we'll have to disband the SEC and individual investors and mutual funds fund their own market regulatory authority.

    self regulating industry.

    SEC is funded by who?????

    the money trail...investigate it.

  5. Patchie 's been saying this for four years. Was on Ron Insana's show two years ago.

    so madoff chaired the NASDAQ. I wondered how the Fiieros were fined 1mm, then traded from the NASD headquarters.