Madness of Crowds

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  1. For a long time I have thought that people who are focused on a certain event create a link with all others involved in the same event.

    Sort of a group mind, mass mind whatever you want to call it. Of course I had no idea how it worked until the other night on the science channel they did a deal on ESP. In a nut shell they have found that certain emotion responses trigger certain changes in your brain's magentic field. Different people in different locals when viewing the same image will have the same configuration.

    They were interested to see if two brain's magnetic fields could be intertwined and share experiences, emotions. They tested it and documented in the show where a blindedfolded women in a dark room saw flashes of light seen by another person. Also they showed identical brain spikes generated in one person through the viewing of certain images in another person in a different local.

    So, after watching that I guess its possible that when people are all sharing the same experience, watching a stock etc their brains are also sharing a link with all other similar configured brains. It goes beyond just the idea that humans think alike. It goes to where humans are actually sharing the same underlying thoughts, more or less.

    I tried to find it on you tube to share here but couldn't. If I can blunder into it I will post it. Watch sci channel if interested to see if it is being re ran. Worth the time.

  2. I think I saw something like this on Coast.
  3. Cool stuff. Watched it with my kids.

    Check the Discovery/Science schedule (channel 284 on DirectTV) and you may be able to find a repeat showing.

    Morgan Freeman's Through The Wormhole Season 2
    Is There a Sixth Sense?
    TV-PG, CC

    New research is discovering that thoughts can fly across space and that we all may be part of a global consciousness. Scientifically, a sixth sense is entirely possible.
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  5. So, are we all thinking a like yet??
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    Hmmm...I dunno, what are you thinking?

  7. I think the market is going to hell(g)
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    Hey it works, that's what I was thinking too!

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    I believe it too. I also believe we are precognitive. I could bore you with my own story of precognition but instead will cite a program I saw where an experiment was conducted.

    They sat college kids in from of two dark panels. Behind one panel was an image. The students were asked which panel had an image behind it. The students, after thousands of trials selected the correct panel 50% of the time. Perfect randomness, they were guessing.

    Then they conducted the same experiment but using an erotic image behind the randomly selected panel. The students score jumped to 53%, far far more than could be randomly guessed over thousands of trials.

    The scientists postulated that evolution has favored those people that could use precognition to anticipate potential sexual encounters which obviously enhances their ability to reproduce. The numbers of trials was so large and the percentage so far from random that it is basically conclusive that we are precognitive. Quantum mechanics also indicates that there is "instantaneous action at a distance" between certain quantum particles separated by huge distances.

    We're connected, to each other and to the future. So far we just use it to get pussy. :D
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