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  1. sounds like the same recipe for the other scally wag firms that churn and burn accounts and peoples nerves...

    too many good candidates get caught up in these operations, and those comments are based on your comments and experiences

    sounds like the criminal operation that Gary Mednick ran at Onsite Trading, no in their multiple reincarnations of the AB Watley name (how many different ABWG names have they gone through anyways)....

    seems like its always run by the same worthless peoples....
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  2. bdon


    Madison is great place to work. The building sucks, yes. The free lunch can suck, but its free. The commission rate sucks, yes. The no money down and health benefits, where else do you get that. I got my start there and have never worked anywhere else. I am net positive every month for the last nine months and pay my manhattan rent with no problem. I just started 13 months ago.

    Grimer you've ripped on the food like three times and voiced no other complaints. Step up or shut up.

    I really thought this site would be an interesting place to share ideas and learn from others, but all I ever read is people ripping on everyone elses trades, calling em bullshit, or dogging their firm. I have never worked anywhere else and don't pretend to know what goes on elsewhere. No one trades against me at Madison. We recently rebuilt are own filter there with ideas generated within our group, we put the effort in, because trading isn't easy, it is work.

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  3. what do you need money for if you got women and food. why do we goto work? why do we buy nice clothes and cars? why do we goto bars or even goto college. see in the end if you got food and a pretty girl money is meaningless. if you could be rich and only have ugly women or be poor and have pretty women which would you pick?
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  4. I get the free food part but can someone explain the women part at Madison. Is it just eye candy or these hot girls like poor traders?
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  5. niceguy


    Also seeking info on Madison Trading. What is it like over there these days?
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  6. Yea madison gets you strippers for your birthdays feeds you food takes you to atlantic city on a crappy bus but hey were the ones paying it with our high deals the reason why everyone is loyal is because the owner of madison pays all the head traders and managers which are russians so they get russians from all over to trade and they will never leave its home for them.
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  7. niceguy


    how can there be commissions and desk charges if you are trading their$$$?
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  8. privet

    is there any futures trading going on over there?
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  9. leeryguy


    I am just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of Steve Williams. I heard he is somehow part of Madison.
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  10. artis74


    "how can there be commissions and desk charges if you are trading their$$$?"

    Im assuming you are being serious. These fees are called "overhead". "In theory" if you werent in that seat a customer would be who they are billing. They charge you a desk fee, a tech fee (for machines and services) and commisions per trade. These are passed through to your account and "in theory" are cheaper than doing it yourself at a home office. Places that dont charge per trade commish have higher desk fees and vice versa.

    It is standard operating procedure at most prop/arcade shops and you can see that there are far fewer of these places than 5 years ago.
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