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    I am applying for a job here in NYC. It is located on 250 Park Ave. Does anyone know about this firm and where it stands among other? It would help out immensely.

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    1) Its not a "job"

    2) they will expect u to put up deposit of 5k and i found that their deals are very high i.e. they charge you ridiculously high rate of commission.

    3) i think the lead trader is dimitri who used to make good 20-25k monthly income. but in 2008 he made 0.
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    do you think you can link me to the information? I talked to a trader there and he said some people made $10 Mil last year.
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    also, do you guys think working here would be valuable for an undergrad student who wants to be a trader?
  6. I heard that they buy you a stripper for your birthday
  7. I recently turned down an offer from them. They wanted my to put up capital and they would "match" it with margin capital with the agreement to give me more capital to trade with after a test period. I wasn't happy about them only leveraging me against my capital. That was strike 1. Then I read the contract they sent me and they and it stated they could keep my money for up to a year if I decided to leave them at any point within the first year of me trading with them. Strike 2! Then I saw their commissions they wanted to charge me for trading futures. Strike 3!!
    They have a good reputaion from the people I asked, but I just wasn't interedsted in their deal.
    Hope that helps.
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    Yes, you got it right. i am with Avatar and i get a better deal than madison.
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    Agassi, Can you PM me the contact info for Avatar?
  10. I was referred to them by someone at First NY Securities.

    I have been profitable for 2 years but have been away from trading for a few years.

    What is the minimum Capital required and the best deal I can get if Im able to show a track record?
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