Made money with straight calls or puts?

Discussion in 'Options' started by the13th, Aug 27, 2006.

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    I have been reading a lot of the posting in the last few days and I realised that a lot of people seems to think that it is almost impossible to make money out of straight calls and puts. So what I wold like to know is,

    #1. Is there anyone out there who is consistently making money out of straight calls and puts.

    #2. If there is, what is your workflow or strategy?

    Thank you so much as I am still trying to learn.

  2. not consistently but it works for me. i dont trade options that often no more. still, if am bullish on a stock i buy the common and either sell puts or long some otms to maximize profits. it's a simple approach that works pretty well if u can determine direction with some grade of accuracy. buyin' premium can be effective for diversification purposes and adds to your bottom line.
  3. When I first started buying and selling calls and puts I had wild swings in my monthly performance. Some months I did well and other months I lost. Then I read a few books on selling credit spreads on indexes in 2004 and swithched to this trading strategy exclusively. So far in 2006 all my spreads and Iron Condors have expired worthless. I trade mainly on the SPX index which moves very slowly and does not change much from the beginning to the end of the month.
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    Hi, thanks for all your replies, but what I am looking for are those who exclusively or majority of the time trades straight positions. Is there really no one out there? HAha.
  5. i was doin' it for a period of time and was pretty consistent but noticed that i was better off tradin' the underlyin' since it was mainly all daytradin'.
    so it can be done, yeah but intraday strictly speakin' i dont know how much more of an edge u can find vs tradin' stocks outright....u can do it but your picks have to be very volatile and u gotta be good in predictin' direction. if u are after tradin' futs options intraday...forget it.
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    Well, what if we're not talking intraday?
  7. it can work, as i said u better be good in predictin' direction and/or vola. better use 'em as a complement to your not really fond of a single approach.
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    I trade spreads as well, I'm curious to know what books your read and liked?

    There is not a lot of specific info out there :)
  9. Can you recommend any books?
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    I trade OEX calls and puts. Most often I sell calls and or puts intraday generally only holding for 30 minutes to an hour. I trade them just like ES futures. What I like is that they move slower and generally having less value per S&P point. For example the ES moves 2 points for a $100 profit and the typical OEX at the money option moves $50 to $60 ballpark.

    I traded the ES futures for years and find I no longer like it's snappy speed. Anyway I am working more with the OEX options now and I am up for the year so far.....but only a little.

    My difficulty is getting out fast when a move suddenly turns hard against my position. If any body has ideas on fast covering I would love to hear them.
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