Made in USA sneaker (34 bucks) Made in China shoe 60 bucks.

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  1. New Balance sneaker new, made in USA bought for 34 bucks. VS Made in China Nike 60 dollar sneaker.

    So the whole story about making a sneaker or making things in the US = x10 times the cost is totally BS.

    The difference is Nike probably pockets the spread.

    So proof that made in the USA is unaffordable is a big lie propagated by the mass media and the politicians.
  2. link?
  3. A decade ago there was a huge difference in costs between the US and China. The cost differencial is rapidly shrinking. A friend of mine is an engineering consultant to a large firm that moved much of their manufacturing from California to China and India in the 1990s. They're now considering moving some of it back to the US, to low-cost/low-tax states like Nevada, Texas and Florida.

  4. brand name sneakers are not that cheap in China itself. I cant recall the name now but theres this Chinese brand thats quite popular and when we went to shanghai we were quite surprised to find it retails for almost the same price as a Nike.
  5. Bullox.

    What a farse.

    It is still cheaper to manufacture in China and Vietnam is even cheaper.

    I call bullshit on your claim. Why. Because I deal with Private Venture Capital being pour'd into the World Manufacturing Arena and Global Trade Arena. I live it on a global level son! I just don't spout out bullshit.

    (brand name sneakers are not that cheap in China itself)

    Now a post with some valid claim. This is true. Retail prices are not much cheaper with certain goods. However...that is Retail, not manufacturing cost!
  6. They're now considering moving some of it back to the US, to low-cost/low-tax states like Nevada, Texas and Florida.

    Not a true trend but a rouge example. 90% of the manufacturing base is staying off shore. Many are looking to Vietnam and India.

    However, the cost of production in China has increased but not to the point where it makes sense to move back to the USA...and add Insain Obama and his ass clown possey to the mix, even less desire.

    I have more capital flowing into Manufacturing projects in Indonesia, Vietnam, Africa, and most of the capital is flowing outa the US.

    So, I call bullshit that one can identify a "Trend" of manufactuers leaving china to return to the USA. There will be a few, but nothing to write home about.
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    KINGOFSHORTS, I understand you are talking of retail prices. The price you pay in a shop has nothing to do with the cost of making an item.

    In fact, a lot of brand-name "luxury" clothes is luxury only due to the brand name sticked to it. Apparently, a large number of people are prepared to pay extra just to be able to show by wearing an item how much they paid.
  8. 1 US dollar = 7 chinese yuan. There is not much difference.

  9. Go to your local BJ's store.

    put in your address and visit the nearest store. You will find them.

    BTW: NB shoes are amazingly light, I thought only one shoe was in the box. Real nice construction and very nice to walk on.
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    that's how it should work. Businesses should be free to get their products made for as cheap as possible because eventually there should be a point where things swing back around. It's in the best interest of the world as a whole, I believe
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