Made 7 ES points today

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  1. really want to do that over and over and over everyday...
  2. You are starting a thread over making 7 pts on ES? :eek:

    You should have made at least 22 pts today. It was an easy play.

    Seems like you're micro managing ur trades too much....
  3. SIM bucks or the real thing? If real money was on the line - congrats!
  4. PM me and give me your address. I will come to your home/business OR pay your expenses to come to my home (beautiful 125 acres w/5 acre stocked pond) and I will pay you 10% of my weekly profits for the next year IF you can show me the METHOD that earned you 22 points today. No bullshit.
  5. short and hope or trading trends in hindsight. pick one.
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    A new EXTREME thread?

    7 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. yea...traded 1 contract only...only traded short side...this move down reminded me of last year type moves down...remember?..anyone get spanked trading the FTSE or DAX?
  8. No cutting edge METHOD used. I just used this morning's economic data(which was very bearish) and waited for the technicals on 2min or 3 min chart to point me in the same direction for my entry. Once i saw the RSI showing lower peaks(blue line in RSI ) around 9:45am, I went short and let it ride for the whole day t ill i closed at 3:31pm( Dr's appt at 4:15pm)
  9. The lesson im trying to make here is that you all need to better learn the weight of economic data and how it can dominate the day's market technicals. This way you don't have to revert to scalping for smaller moves all the time.

    This method of going from fundamental bias to technical bias for entry is not learned quickly. It takes time(experience). Just be aware and practice, and make notes(including charts) to fall back on for studying; that way it becomes TATTOO'd in your head.
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    OMG this seems like such crap. you simply post a chart?

    do a screenshot of your P/L from your clearning firm jackass

    note: i made almost 1,000 ES points. yea, 333 lot for 3 points.

    (insert S&P chart here)

    d'uh, went short and just let it ride for my profit objective.

    super easy
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