Madam, I Believe You Have a Career in Politics Ahead of You

Discussion in 'Politics' started by elderado, Jul 17, 2019.

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    Well done!

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  2. She nailed goofball AOC 100% in that video at the 1:30 mark - "not fighting for the limelight." Then aoc shows up like a drunken sailor on stage.

    She is pretty much dead on arrival as a republiican in her district though.

    But surprises are good too.

    She does not seem to comport herself as an idiot. I LIKE THAT!!
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  3. As we know, dem policies and goals are all about getting as many people as possible to end out sleeping under bridges.

    You just dont like the fact that she is black and a woman. Almost all of you lefties are racists either openly or secretly.
  4. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Wonder why she didn't mention that she was a Trump supporting republican in her video lol
  5. destriero


    She received less than 7% of the vote when running for NY State Assembly.

    Murray started her company "The Esemel Group" which has never registered with NYDS. IOW it did not exist. She's simply unemployed. There is an open bartender position available.
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