Mad Money Manipulation?

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    this is why this is all a game.
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    However, seconds later, he acknowledged, "I'm not going to say that on TV," referring to his show on CNBC.

    He added that the strategy - while illegal - was safe enough because, "the Securities and Exchange Commission never understands this."

    Why would he say something like that??

    I have seen this video all over yahoo forums as well.
  4. "Why would he say something like that??"

    Elementary, Watson.

    Tune in to see what he says next. Howard Stern media strategy 101.
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    I found it interesting that Cramer said he would take a bid, take a bid, take a bid,or hit an offer, hit an offer.

    Every trader I have ever met who worked on a desk or on floor would say it is take offers and hit bids.
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    Maybe that's why he's on TV and not on a desk.:D
  7. Cramer knows the lingo.
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    If my theory is correct I will say that cramer is a smart ass.

    first, everybody knows that he's a terrible stock picker

    but an excellent cheerleader

    now that I see this video I wonder....does he really push all this bunch of "booya" morons to one side of the trade so he can take the other side??

    what's the real "plan" behind mad money??

    Just speculating here
  9. Jesse James robbed trains, and the people idolized him. Remember how he ended up?
  10. yea, that was a plot for a classic episode of The Brady Bunch..Bobby was idolizing Jesse James, and Mike and Carol grew concerned. They then had an old man, who was a passenger on a train Jesse robbed when he was a child, tell his account of Jesse murdering people. Bobby's image of his hero was ruined, he had nightmares about Jesse killing his family, the next day Bobby threw out his toy cap guns.
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