Mad Money episodes wanted

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chud, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. chud


    Anyone know where somebody from outside the states who doesn't get CNBC can see episodes of Mad Money? Anybody rebroadcasting via internet perhaps?

  2. I don't know about video, but if you go to and type mad money in the search site box you can get a re-cap of the current show as well as previous ones.
  3. you can buy videos from cnbc. Don't know if they come in PAL format.
  4. Dude, subscribe to Real Money and Action Alerts Plus. He gives out his picks before the show and you can buy them MOC or during the day. SELL them when he reads his articles VERBATIM on the show
  5. chud


    Dang, I didn't realize he gave those picks beforehand in his newsletter. The SEC doesn't have a problem with that?
  6. Yup, PNR was decent. Another one earlier in the week was good as well.
  7. Babak


    If you and Eliot Spitzer were bunk mates in Harvard, you might get away with it too.
  8. He's not getting away with anything. The SEC isn't concerned about a bunch of idiots buying these things up on ECNs, especially when they've been warned time and time again. If enough people try to arb this it will disappear anyways.

  9. MTE


    Yeah, I wanna see those too. I don't care about the picks, I just wanna see that guy! I heard he's very entertaining.:D
  10. just21


    Have you tried bittorrent search engines? i watched desperate housewives hours after it's us broadcast. Try
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