Mad Money Cramer calls the top on FSLR-First Solar - time to short!!!

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    "When it comes to solar stocks, there's only going to be one winner," Jim Cramer told viewers of his "Mad Money" TV show Thursday. "And that winner is First Solar (FSLR - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr)."

    Cramer says it's time to start buying the stock aggressively on any weakness.

    First Solar is ahead of other solar power companies because its panels, unlike other solar technologies, don't require expensive silicone in the manufacturing process.

    Instead the company relies on its proprietary thin-film technology that is less expensive to manufacture and has efficiency ratings that are rapidly approaching that of its silicone-based competition, he says.

    By driving down the cost per watt of their panels, the company could even someday approach that of oil or coal, he says. He also notes that First Solar doesn't need government subsidies to be profitable.

    Cramer also likes First Solar because it does not sell into the volatile consumer market, choosing to instead focus almost exclusively on industrial and utility customers.

    Plus, every candidate in the presidential race has endorsed solar energy, making it the perfect energy play for the long term, he adds.

    Cramer likened First Solar to that of an early Intel (INTC - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr), which used its technology and mass market expertise to dominate the chip industry.

    Cramer sees years and years of growth for First Solar, calling it "the single best way to play green energy."
  2. what's the competition??
    I would buy the competition, and sell the Cramer..
  3. Looks like the top of the latest pyramid scheme run in that bloated pig.

    No thanks to solar poo for me.
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    Seriously, I just shorted FSLR on open tomorrow cuz that is how much I don't believe in Cramer.

  5. Admittingly, this post was more of a joke then anything else. However, the chart does look a little toppy. If the price doesnt go above the old high at 283 then it might turn around very quickly.

    Oil, gold and other commodities have experience a sell-off lately and this has been known to effect these solar plays.

    I'd like to see how this plays out and Cramer might have just called the top as he has a good history at doing...
  6. Here is quick weekly chart with bollingers and keltners. See the pivot off the middle? This isnt a bearish chart yet, but I'd like to see the price go over 283 before I would declare it a sure buy. Saying that its a buy between 251-283 is foolish. Basically, Cramer is gambling that the price is going to go through 283 versus turning around.

    When I have looked at stocks in the past that failed to get over the last price, there was always a sharp turnaround. This was the call of a gambler, not a trader.
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    Yes a great short.Cramer has been an uncanny contrarian his agressive,maniacle,fist pounding buys on earnings day in oct 2007 of csco,ua and of course his doozy:crox.All of these he urged as buys into earnings and on earnings day.
    He really must be mental to have the balls to keep making calls on overhyped nasdaq crap.He basically violates every rule of investing etc on all these picks.They are clearly SUICIDE trades taht are wreckless and irresponsible.CNBC should be flogged for promoting this dipshit.
  8. Tell me, how do you really feel about Cramer? :p

    While not on FSLR, I loaded up 2000 shares of CSUN just waiting for a quick bubble-type run on these things - China + Solar... can't go wrong. It's 18k I'm willing to "invest" into a possible 5-7 bagger.

    I think solar stocks have ways to go - maybe a correction, but we'll see much higher prices on these stocks.

  9. I need everyone reading this thread to watch this video in its entirety and then to click on the chart below where I have pulled data from 10/31 to the present time...

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    cramer having a piece on a stock has, in the past, NOT been a contrary indicator. it's also not been a buy signal. it's like tossing darts.

    now, if he turns bullish on something which has had a huge run (after having been bearish, or shooing off callers on it on his lightning round) and tosses it into something with a few other stocks and gives it a funky acronym - well, THEN, you get ready to go short. it's coming soon.
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