Mad money being canceled

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  1. mad money is being canceled after three years of cramer making bad stock picks and picking tops.

    Thank god
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    I'm sure as hell not a blind-faith Cramer supporter -- and would be the first to say he's been quite daffy in the past few months -- but if you'd post a link to such statements/stories you'd probably be taken a bit more seriously with such claims.

    This post reads like something you'd find on Yahoo Finance by those spammy tripe-typers who are just trolling for attention.

    Though by my responding to your post to begin with, I've given you a bit more attention, which I probably shouldn't have done, come to think of it.....
  3. another useless thread. what a waste of time.
  4. Futures surging again not surprising

    Dow 12,660.00 50.00 0.40
    S&P 500 1,378.10 6.20 0.45
    NASDAQ 1,879.00 9.25 0.49

    I saw a similar thread about mad money being canceled. I really hope this is true.
  5. I wouldn't hold my breath until we break 1385 - 1390 on the SP500 im still bearish. but I play either side so it doesn't matter to me, I always trade the trend.

    I agree that Mad Money should be can celled, but I don't mind. Retailers who follow Cramer blindly are the people who put real trader's kids through college.

    either way this thread sucks, because your talking out of your ass you don't have a link to back up your claim about the show being cancelled.

    The only success you have is in being a successful troll.
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    If only...If only
  7. sad thing is his shows ratings could be a fraction of what they are now and they wouldn't cancel it.

    Simply because cnbc has nothing to offer after market hours.
  8. give rick santelli his own hour :)
  9. If Cramer's show is canceled then who is everyone going to whine endlessly about?