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  1. do any of you think a mad max scenario is likely to happen. you commonly comment on it. if so how long and where is safe.
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    The further possible from any axis of circulation where the law of the gas gangs will reign.

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    Yes it will happen and soon. There will be recession back to back. It will be ugly. It won't be as bad as the great depression in the beginning, but it will get there after a decade or so.

    How long? Indefinitely, until a new societal structure not based on exponential resource depletion is developed. Not in anybody's lifetime who is living now.

    Where is safe? Nowhere really. Amish country in the US, the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia, ethanol fueled Brazil, pick your poison. It's not really a matter of where is safe, it's more of a matter of where is most unsafe. Urban California, not a very sustainable structure to begin with, will be full scale mad max. Best of luck surviving the next 20 years. :(
  4. Yes.
    And 'Political Correctness' will be a sick joke when it happens.
  5. it is not just economics it is overpopulation, food shortages, disease, global warming etc. either way it will happen regardless credit crunch.
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    Don't forget the big one the nrg problem. Peak oil, peak coal, peak natural gas, peak uranium all happening now. Peak food, peak water, peak copper/aluminum/iron, peak Chinese junk, peak fish, peak everything, etc.
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    People have an enormous bias to simply chuck it up and mozy on.

    Not anticipating a some kind of viral outbreak, that zombiefys 90% of the world population.

    No Mad Max is not coming its an economic and political problem. The world goes, on, people send their kids to school, pay most of their bills, catch a movie on the weekend,

    You will have much of your money stolen via devaluation and inflation, you will be angry but look at other countries. Argentina, Japan, Iceland, Greece, Turkey.

    The powers that be can always count on the the people take it right up the ass, with minimal lubrication

    Almost no revolution, maybe the Pols change, maybe a few cars get torched and some eggs thrown but people are surprisingly sheepish. The more oppressive the regime, the more inline people stay.
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    Havent cut my hair in 6 months in antecipation to this, of course it can happen
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    And peak number of conspiracy and nutjob posts. Don't forget that.
  10. oh ya and mel gibson gonna star :D
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