Mad Cow -> Milk -> Butter -> Cheese -> Ice Cream ?

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    Question for the Food Scientist

    Can the contagion for Mad Cow Disease be found in Milk ? It the Cow has the disease, what if Farmer John milks the cow and sell the milk ?

    Wondering if there can be a ripple effect into the Dairy stocks ?
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    Its only supposed to be found in brain/spinal tissue etc...not meat/milk...the biggest concern is splintering of bone during processing and contaminating the meat...apparently, from what the UK said of it all back when we had it.
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    thx for the info.
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    It might as well not be in anything. In the decade of mad cow in the UK there were 100 cases in humans. There is about 1 spontaneous case of mad cow in humans per 1 million people as well so it could be argued statistically that there was no transmission from cows to humans except there were cases of people getting cow based hormone injections that got mad cow. More of the cases are in older people and that leads to conjecture that the lower stomach acid content allows the disease to get through.

    The reason this is such big news is a little beyond me, I guess it shows the power of the politically correct. The world health organization wants us all to eat no meat, that frees up more land for veggies which will lower the cost of food to the third world and overall, we will all be healthier even though we folks in the developed nations will suffer, healthwise. Personally I like my beef and research shows that an occasional steak is good for the health. Here's to the lower beef prices and big deep freezer.
  5. John Stauber was on TV last night stating that all over the Midwest you can buy at your feed store, feed that has been "rendered" with blood plasma from cattle that has been infected by Mad Cow.

    This is absolutely insane.
    And yet the Secretary of Agriculture says that we have some of the most "stringent" safety standards in place to protect us from Mad Cow.

    Yeah, right!
  6. HAHA!

    LOL Don't delude yourself you'll be a lot healthier without your "occasional steak" three times/ week. :p
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    this sounds similar to the chronic wasting disease they have been finding in deer the last few years. similar symptoms from what little I know.
  8. Maybe it is a good time for me to go vegetarian afterall ...
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