Macy's Watches You In Changing Room

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    While it's illegal to secretly videotape inside fitting rooms in Florida, Macy's manages its loss-prevention by installing their privacy doors backward.

    That means that any employee - or customer - standing up against the door can see inside. But the person getting changed cannot see out.

    Macy's acknowledged installing the doors backward as a loss-prevention method.
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    Hmm. Its a lawyers world.

    Last few days I've been in the hospital trying my best to die of a serious infection. My healthcare provider Kaiser seemed content with that outcome.

    By the time my attorney was finished with them yesterday they were calling me repeatedly last night to try to save my life. Suddenly I have the full attention of Kaiser Permanente.

    In the future we'll each have a personal attorney that accompanies us throughout the day. We'll sue over mundane things like the coffee not being hot enough at Starbucks or there not being enough parking at your favorite Mexican restaraunt.

    We will litigate virtually everything you can think of. Hyper-litigious is the way to go. I usually call down the thunder within 24 hours of somebody fucking with me or not doing the right thing.

    Macy's needs to be sued.
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    Ohms, I hope you are doing better! I thought you seemed a little ornery lately, now I know why. Keep us updated on your progress. That's much more important than all of our petty differences here in the P&R.

    BTW, antibiotics aren't what they used to be. I've noticed the last few years that it's hard to knock out even minor infections with general antibiotics. It's like the bugs are winning the war.

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    I'd say within the hour someone will post something really classless. :D

    No worries eheh.
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    Best wishes from me as well, you friggin bastard. ; )

    Seriously, I had to smile when I read that you were trying your best to die of the infection. I do that, too. Sadly, I keep waking up alive.
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    Thanks man.

    I love the line from Gladiator:

    "If you find yourself alone in green fields do not be troubled for you are in Elysium and you are ALREADY DEAD!" :D
  7. get better!

    could you share any details? one never knows if he will be a similar situation
  8. Oh my! God forbid somebody see my private parts!!

    Americans need to get over being embarassed about public nudity.