Macroeconomic factors manipulate to the bonds market ?

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    Hello All.

    Is anyone know macroeconomic factor's manipulating the market's ? I am do marketing research, and need a little help from you.

    Tnx a lot.
  2. How about the 11 successive raisings of the overnight interest rate.
  3. Fractional banking, treasury auction, fed margin controls, interest rates

    take your pick
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    Maybe you know any economic patern's ?
  5. You should really just go to the library and pick up a book or two on macroeconomics...people devote entire careers to talking about stuff like this...
  6. I agree, knowledge is to the mind what food is to the body.
  7. Macro books are a waste of time. Take a look at the many different views on the currenct account deficit and you'll see economics is a field of some much uncertainty. There are some who say the to leave the thing alone and that market forces will correct it while some advocate that some form of intervention should be undertaken to correct the situation. I know I sit back and have a good laugh when the idiots a few years ago were saying low interest rates were going to lead to high inflation down the road. Ya, those people should be wasting their time selling insurance not publishing.
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    I am not be interested in descussion about "how this work defficult". I'am find same intresting paterns in Mises book's and some another authors. And this patern's is profitable today too. May be same of you working in this direction too ? I'am think, that political economy following are more profitable strategy then the trend-following by information from chart only.

    Balansing budget in USA in 1995, by raising taxes, and cutting spending surplus would cause a depression, bat we got a boom. And those peoples, which know this, have in 1995-1997 a good profit.

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    The boom was caused by an exponential increase in productivity brought about by techonological advances. The recession was postponed for a decade longer. The current administrations "tax-cut and spend like no tomorrow" policies will ensure we stay inside of a recession for the another decade.
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