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    When I first started trading I heard almost all people say M-A-C-D then a friend of mine kept saying MACK-DEE I corrected (nicely) him once and he looked at me like I was the bonehead. He kept saying MACK DEE. Then I heard others maybe most say MACK DEE the last few years. As I have not attended a seminar or a big conference in about two years I confess my sample size is small and most of the traders I know could care less.

    So here is the question what is the correct pronunciation and please back up your opinion with facts or noted "scholars" who might know or maybe a cite to an online trading dictionary. At worst perhaps we will take a poll but not yet please.

    P.S. this debate sort of started on the thread about prop desks at banks

  2. Babak


    Well, this is the way I see it. Since it is an acronym for moving average convergence divergence, it should as all acronyms be pronounced as the letters: M A C D

    Do we go around and say: izm when referring to ISM numbers?

    . . . or do we say eybem when referring to that venerable blue chip IBM?
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    Babak - solid logic and I agree with you, but I have heard (a minority) guys who use to work in the cbot pits as clerks refer to the N A P M as nap- em and napalm. So I guess they would say ism now.
  4. What about M.A.S.H., Radar, Laser, MIPs, RAM, ROM, SCSI, NAT, and NASA?
  5. What about NASDAQ.. or make that NAZDOG.

  6. Mac-dee is just a slang term and I've heard many traders use it. What's the fuss about?
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    Unless of course you are specifically talking about Mac Dee Knife, in which case it is a proper noun!
  8. Does it really matter?
  9. js1257


    No it doesn't matter. Just call it whatever you want to call it.
  10. nitro


    What about SIPC?

    FWIW, I call it MACK-D, but I have never used the thing to make a single trade..

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