Macho trader mentality and concussions

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  1. Hey, first off I probably need to apologize to any number of people here. My wife hounded me, as opposed to divorcing me, about a clear change in personality. I played football in high school, but after that was intramurals. At the same time as a result of my own stupidity I had head injuries, ie concussions. I enjoy dong things that are stupid, but what probably got me was slipping off a ladder. The doc has told me that is the last thing I remember in terms of hitting my head, but most likely not the final issue.
    Anyway the doctor specifically asked me about my postings on the internet and I told him my ids(how approriate id), and he looked into them and then ordered further tests. I fall into a bad category.
    I can't say I feel better and buy the story, but I also do admit to a change. I attribute it to age. Good story from the doc. I will spend some time researching the topic. I think I just simply don't appreciate geting older.
    Summation, I was an ass from day one, and the whole cuncussions story is a pile of crap.
  2. Peace to all. Especially those I may have been stupid in questioning motives, trading abilities or otherwise. Heading for surgery tommorow.
    Sorry for the negatives I added to this site. Never thought I'd miss a real job with real people, but finding I do now. Trading from home has brought me into the world of introvert, and cost me basic real world experiences. Only because I let it, not because it is that way.
    Peace again,
    From one scared MotherF*****
  3. I'm staying in a sort of a Hostel for retirees. That is what age I am. I can "introvert my way to wealth" in my room and then go dine with a hundred retirees.. I'm in my third year and it's been a real lifeboat for a struggling trader. It's been a tremendous learning experience in the area [arena?] of psychology also. I schooled myself in Myers Briggs personality typing and studied Psychopaths in great detail, interactively.. I am quite good to go nowadays. My income is picking up so I'll probably take my existence to the next higher level. I'm not sure I could have made it had I not found this place, I was blind and nearly homeless when I moved in. Since then I had operations on my eyes and my vision is the best ever and the low cost living arrangement has allowed me to not have economic worries while learning the trade...
  4. Peace to Fractal. I appreciate your skeptiscm. My goal, which I didn't appreciate 6 days ago, is to make it to my 25 th anniversary with the wife.
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    That phrase "introvert my way to wealth" sounds interesting. Could you expound on that a little more?
  6. referring to working alone in my room, trading.. I'm an extravert type, need to be with people to recharge my batteries but I need to be alone to work...
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    1)We all gotta die sometime.

    2)You'll probably be fine anyway.
  8. I guess, Peace, Love and Rock and Roll. I go for surgery next week. I am promised nothing from my past. I am going to say I have 3 id's here for what ever stupid reason that seemed good at the time. I have to say I couldn't be more worried than I am now. I know I am just wasting time posting, but it is what I have, so ...peace and love to all....
    God how I regret being an ass. Sorry this is the main forum I post to, and you are all stuck with it.
    Peace Bob
  9. As a support to other id's....God Bless Rcg's Girl. Wow the stuff she posts, and I have shown them to my wife. She
  10. Peace to all. I am done. While i woul like offer of value, not going to happen. Peace to all.
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