Machinist Up 300k Following Sykes

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by marketsurfer, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. That's great for the machinist that he made coin

    But let's track down all the bodies in the graveyard that followed Sykes too

  2. good point. know any?
  3. Pekelo


    Damn, now I want to be a machinist:


  4. I think you surmised it best when you said 'this is unreal'.

    From the site......... "While I have no way to confirm or deny whether or not Mike actually has gone from $50,000 to $350,000 as he says HERE (and I had to really beg him to put a dollar figure on his gains), I, along with many others, have been in his chatroom several times when he’s made too many incredible calls to recount here".

    I'm sure that's good enough for Jack Schwager. Surely Mike will be in the next edition of Market Wizards. Ever hear of journalistic integrity? What kind of journalist are you anyway? Jesus, Surf quite being such a gullible rube.

    And for Christ's sake stop with the spam regarding this idiot.
  5. Mr J

    Mr J

    Sounds like a salesman touting his own horn.
  6. Bond


    I haven't signed up with Tim, but he seems to be one of the best out of all the other crap that is offered. I do think he posts here on ET with multiple alias' marketing his product, and I understand why people are turned off with that. But, despite his shameless marketing style, he does seem to have some substance. I have only read some blog posts, but was impressed with some of his insights during "Livestock" 95% of what Sykes says has no real substance and does not directly relate to trading; it is purely for entertainment value. Ironically, that is good in this industry. Cramer for instance talks about hundreds of different stocks, and always has an opinion on everything. He changes his mind all the time whipsawing his followers. Buffet on the other hand could present his investment strategy in one letter, and maybe thats why he never wrote a book. Sykes could also write his strategy in 1 letter; but he chooses to market the strategy, netting him a lot of followers, while making himself some nice coin.
    While I do not have a subscription to his alerts from what I have seen his strategy looks like one that works, and if your willing to watch hours of Tim on "Livestock" for his minutes of stock market insight, you should see that he is a real trader.
  7. Fuck off Timmay. This is a forum for traders, not clowns.
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