Machiavelli Personality Test

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My score was ...

  1. 81 and above

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  2. 61 & 80 and in-between

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  3. 41 & 60 and in-between

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  4. 21 & 40 and in-between

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  5. 20 and below

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    my score was 96 and my wife got a 78

    for instance, she strongly agreed with the third question; "One should take action only when sure it is morally right", while I strongly disagreed. 'Morals are bullshit', no matter how you look at it. It is because of morals, ethics and crap like that, that we haven't started human cloning. It is sad that in this day and age we care about human lives, when in fact there are billions of worthless human lives roaming and shitting on this planet, there is no reason to fight the descruction of a good portion of these nastly disgusting souls, mainly the shitty middle class, the middle class are the pathetic scums of almost all societies.

    Anyway I'm gonna stop the ranting, I'd like to see what you guys scored on this test.
  2. 73
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    yes, too many people on this planet, supposedly 180 years gave us 5+ billion more... what will be our world in another 100 years? However, to call them middle class is incorrect, its the specific portion that believe the values theyve been taught(the same values for at least 100s of years) are correct for the present and future.
    1)religion, the earliest detatching factor for humans
    2) then the lie of money, the reduction of our reality and future into inked paper controlled by whoever for thier own interests.
    3)corporations and Govt, same agendas-they are cattlemen with ranches filled with herd animals that can speak with thier masters...

    although you may feel rich with whatever amount you may have that is more than whoever's, the truth is is that they will never tell you they will increase money supply or will your next check(s) be prorated.

    religion, money, corporate policy, govermental policy... somehow I see our race ending in about 500 years and the last 300 orso to be indescribable suffering before we diasappear
  5. 99 on the math, 14 on the verbal. :cool:
  6. 71

    Morals are not bullshit because if you did not have morals you would still be sitting in a cave going, "uh uh..."

    The reason we evolved is that we developed a sense of moral compass. For if we did not we would still be killing each other.

    Ask yourself, why oh why on earth should we not kill somebody? Why should there not be a bomb everyday? Why are there not more raping?

    Answer morals... Humanity works because we all agree to try to live alongside with each other.

    It is also why I love the market because people have this sense of how the market would be. And I sell into that.

    Though I gladly admit in caveman times I would be dead since I would be jumping left when I should be jumping right.

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    this is the question on values that i present, one assumes that all we are doing is correct, altho time tested for only maybe 15k years? morals, a mindset that did not exist for humans until what date? and whos morals are correct? a general given set of morals? found to be naturally occuring in nature? ok, 100 yrs later, you are dead and things in this world make a different set of demands on the controlling life forms, can you tell me what will be the moral standard for then? like a future Africa? or a future China that owns the world? lets not just use your yrs of existence to define "morals"
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    this is why most of the world a pathetic scum, they will never question authority enough, they will never break taboo for their lives are driven by it. civilization is mostly headed by those who know the truth but use the myth to rule people. i wont deny that its the easy way out, but the future is compromised with that approach.
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    Can I study and take it again later?

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