Mach pro trading Ltd is registered or not?

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  1. Any one heard of Mach pro trading Ltd? is it registered or not?
    Why so many new firms pop up recently?
    does it mean its easy to establish prop shop?
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    from the bottom of their own webpage:

    Mach Pro Trading Ltd is not a registered broker-dealer and not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission nor with National Association of Securities Dealers nor with any other securities regulating body as a broker dealer, investment advisor or any such entity, and does not solicit any public accounts, but rather works in coordination with fully licensed broker-dealers, SIPC-insured clearing firms, and private leveraging firms to provide licensed and non-licensed clients with access to supplemental trading leverage and direct access trading capabilities. Our firm and our network affiliates strongly recommend that all clients fully read and acknowledge all SEC risk disclosure statements available on our site and our affiliate broker-dealer websites prior to engaging in any live trading activity, and acquire a solid understanding of the risks inherent in active "day" trading.
  3. When the Fly by night bucket shops start opening up en masse, that is a bearish sign.
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    i also curious how they back up traders if they are not registered
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    Guys, it's a China based trading firm with a Vancouver office providing leverage to the US markets without the necessary oversight you would find at a proper US firm.

    Go ahead. Give them your money.
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    Apparently there are some people who think this comment was an endorsement and have pm'd me about this.

    This was not an endorsement. It is skeptical criticism.
  7. The phone number is unpublished, there is no street address for the office. No names attached to the business.
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    Not all businesses have published/listed numbers. Many businesses who use internet/voip service for their communications don't have directory listing unless they feel it is something they need and pay for it.

    Not having a published number doesn't mean anything in today's world.
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    they still exist .and do a lot of ad. in Chinese forums. it 's popular in china now ?
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