Mach 3.8 Supercomputer

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by chinook, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. ...and pricey

    i don't think this machine is a true "supercomputer" -- esp considering it is only a 32bit machine LOL!! :D

    ...wouldn't a G5 be considerably faster, since it is a true supercomputer?

    ...or a 64bit dual AMD?
  2. it :confused:
  3. chinook,

    I like the 92" panels of monitor! That would be sooo sweet to trade on a display like that! Cost is about $17,499 before taxes. ouch! That's just for monitors.

    how much is the entire system? Easily $60K?
  4. Their top computer is "only" $8k. So you can have your personal "cockpit" for about $25-26k with the 92" display!

  5. Damn. Now I need to change pants.
  6. it'd be insane to dump that much $$$ on a 32bit intel machine...
  7. Ninja


    $7,999 for the desktop
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