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  1. There has been alot of discussion about the analyst at Mac i have heard that he is supposed to be one of the best in the city.

    I have heard from one guy at Mac that all you have to do is listen to his comments and analysis and trade off them and its free money.

    Apparently his background is in the FX markets, where he used to advise some of the biggest FX traders in the City.

    I'm looking to move to Mac to benefit from his indepth knowledge and would appreciate any feedback on how good this guy really is.
  2. If he is that good, why isn't he trading???
    And if so, why isn't he working for a big investment bank, e.g. Goldman Sachs or MSDW?

    I don't know this guy, but I would never trust any ANALyst to make my decisions. If you follow this guy you belong to the crowd. Being part of a crowd seldom ends as a success. Just MHO.
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    I heard the guy cut his teeth in the special forces. His in depth knowledge on fx moves often coming from covert operations in central banks offices. Not sure if this is true but ,but I don't think we can afford to ignore the fact that he often makes millions on paper trades!!!

  4. That might be possible. This would also tell a lot about ethical issues at Macfutures.
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    I'm just guessing, but he's probably more or less filtering out and reading potentially market moving news throughout the day. It would be difficult for a trader to read all the various newswires all day while trading at the same time.
  7. I can shed some light on this mystery analyst, me and scally(as he was then known) served in bravo 2 zero under Andy Mcnab. He had a particular fondness for desert goats if you know what i mean...!.., to this day even when he gets a cup of coffee it is planned down to the minutest detail...!,,,,,,1 sugar,,stirred anticlockwise 13 times...etc..etc.
  8. Yes indeed the man is a legend.

    I remember when we were together in Borneo and he still managed to call his broker from the satelite phone 10 times a day.

    Look closely the next time the Iranian Embassy footage is on the telly - watch for the man abseiling on to the balcony shouting "Just buy me 500 and look sharpish sonny I'm gonna be busy in a minute"
  9. my friend works at mac and he reckons the anaylist is a complete goon. more like a licence to print toilet paper the captain mannering baffoon
  10. that last comment wasn't me - someone is hacking me - if Clare Short is reading this give me a shout.

    Just shows anyone can be got - even us.

    The man is a diamond and not at all like Captain Mainwaring ( get your spelling right on military matters nerd ).

    If you don't believe me just ask yourself this:

    There you are, stuck in the jungle and coming under heavy enemy fire. Your government denies the fact you even exist so you really are expendable. You've taken a round in the arse and just been stung by a and the paint on your blacked out face is running into your eyes and mouth ( tastes a bit like 10 yr old marmite ). Suddenly a grenade goes off no more than 5 yards away and you see your brother and best mate ripped apart by shrapnel. What do you do ? What do you do ?


    It's all about discipline boys - and our man has it in spades. ( And I don't mean.....oh never mind )
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