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  1. Hi everyone,

    Is anyone using MACD in their trading? Several books I am reading now suggest it is a very important indicator, that can greatly enhance one's trading performance.

    Several traders, mentioned in Schwager's famous Market Wizards books, are using it.

    Can anyone recommend any good books on the MACD? I mean I really want to dig into this. I want to know MACD in and out.

    Many famous traders say you need to really study one trick, that will become your edge. I've decided that that one trick, for me, will be MACD.

  2. LOL:D
  3. I thought you already had your edge:
  4. No MACD is an edge. They say lies in the book to hide their true edge, which is the RSI.

    I'm about to finish a ten volume treatment of RSI called "Principles of RSI and your Trading Edge" you can get it free from this website