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    Hey all,

    I trade the er2 (or tf now) and sp500 using mostly the macd indicator. I mostly look at the 1 minute and 5 minute charts. I keep it simple, so I am guessing there are other traders who have a similar style. If there are a couple of us, I would love to start a chat group. Please reply.

  2. **what are your MACD settings?
    **what are your
    **do you look at the 1 minute or 5 minute more?
    **do you trade the TF or ES more?
    **how long do you trades last? 3,5,10 minutes etc.?
  3. **what are your entries?...sell below 0 and buy above 0?...others??
  4. I also use MACD as my primary indicator. I look to buy when the MACD is above zero and above signal but near zero. Sell to open when the MACD is below zero and below signal near zero.
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    I would also like to know about MACD settings etc. I never got too much out of this indicator.
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    I mostly look at the ER2. My best set up is looking at the Difference (DIFF on the charts i guess) and watching for trend changes on the 1 minute. The Diff is the difference btw the moving average and the MACD on your chart.

    I enter if there is a new low after a series of higher highs or a higher low after a series of lower lows on the Diff. My settings are (5,34). I look to get 18 ticks but will be more aggressive depending on how far the MACD is from the 0 line, and what the five minute DIFF looks like. Stop losses are the highs of the last price bar or a major S/R if its closer. I don't like risking more than 5-8 ticks.

    There is a lot of room to make this better and a lot of it depends on the trader sticking to the plan, but it offers a good amount of opportunities. Does anyone have a similar/better approach they would like to share?

    Lets make this a useful thread!

  7. As an observer, examples w/ charts are most useful. Just a suggestion. Good luck w/ the thread.