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    does anybody using MACD indicator for intraday trading (daytrading) ? Is it usefull ? What setup ?

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    I find it useful only for swing trading. Interday it is too messy and prone to failure.
  3. Definitely, I use a MACD study with Stochastics (slow and fast) overlayed on top of it. On the actual stock chart I overlay Bollinger bands. I have found that when all these indicators together "agree" that a stock is overbought or oversold and beginning to turn back toward the trend it is an good time to get in.

    Works for me.:p
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    I assume you mean intraday?

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  6. Hi richk,

    Your going to notice after being at ET for awhile that there are similar individual questions about the Stochastics, Japanese Candlesticks, CCI, Price Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands and so on.

    You'll also notice that those traders that say it works and their making money by it are not using that particular indicator all by itself.

    Thus, their using other indicators, technical analysis to confirm or non-confirm what that indicator is revealing.

    Simply...I don't know many traders using one particular indicator all by itself...successfully. However...I do know a lot of traders using multiple indicators together...successfully...

    all on intraday time intervals.

    As for settings...the default settings work just fine for me and others.

    Just remember this...those using MACD successfully are using it during markets that are trending or has unusual momentum...up or down.'s not a very good indicator for tight-trading ranges or consolidation patterns.

    I guess that means you'll have to also learn and recognize when the markets are trending or in a tight-trading range to know when and when not to use MACD...

    and then capture some of those points from those trend moves before it consolidates again.

  7. when it's working, it'll keep you long or short all day long. When the market is trending, you can put your complete faith and trust in macd.

    If you backtest, make sure you use a good strong trending day so you can see how good it would have worked.
  8. I only use ZeroLAG MACD, with DSS$$
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    i use it only from 9h30to 11h30 and 2h30pm till 4.= in combination with slow stos

    personal set up : ( 4;20;4)

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