MACD Signals, Stochastics, and RSI question

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  1. I would like to hear how traders are using the indicators above in an intra day environment. What are the time frames, periods etc.
    Are they being used alon or in conjuction with another indicator..etc.

    We are adding these signals to the more advanced alerts on our alerts site. If there are other indicators or oscillarors that are popular please comment.
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    This is what I use.
    34, 50 EMA's and 7 DEMA of high/low in the chart
    Oscillator 3/10 MACD (SMA) and 4,16 SMA of the MACD
  3. u130747


    I use 15 minute bars MACD, 12,26,9. Always in, either long or short. 5 stocks.


    Change stocks every once in a while. Backtest to see which are working on 15 min .

  4. u130747


    Meant INTC instead of INTL
  5. Please keep em coming the more examples the better.
  6. Hi. Simple technique you are using there, how is it working for you? You are ALWAYS in Long or Short? How do you handle chop? What if the stock gaps against you?
  7. u130747


    It works. sometimes you get chopped but the big advances make up for all the losses.

  8. Also we are looking for user feedback on Bollinger Bands. The idea is simple we have a great deal of book examples but want to hear it from the people who actually use them.
  9. Based on feedback from a very successful group of proprietary traders we have added a volume filter that lets you set a maximum for the number of shares a stock typically trades on any given day.

    How is this used? Traders are now able to set the alerts to watch a very specific group of stocks for example those that trade between 100K and 400K shares per day. The end result is being able to filter for stock moves that are more fluid. Here is a sample alert with the above volume filters applied. Click on link to open the preconfigured alert window.
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