MACD settings on QCharts vs. Realtick III

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  1. does anyone know if there is any difference/correlation between the settings of the 2 platforms? i know that Realtick uses decimals for the MACD length1, length2, and the signal line while Qcharts does not. a friend and i have been trying to get our MACD charts to match with no success. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I think you take 1/n which n = macd number then you should have decimal value.
  3. hmmm. nice thought. but i don't think that that is quite it. thanks for the reply.
  4. i went right to the source and here's what i was told:

    The MACD parameters are the respective smoothing factors and the price series. The default values are a smoothing factor of .07 (approximately equal to 26 periods) for the first moving average; .15 for the second (12 periods) and a smoothing factor of .20 for the signal line (9 periods)

    The formula used to calculate these decimal values is 2/n+1, with n being the number of periods. I believe that the value of length on the QCharts is the same as the value for Periods.

    just in case anyone cares!
  5. mike s

    mike s

    Hey! I care.....thanks! It's tough to try different macd settings when you can't just enter a "period" value.