MACD settings for intraday timeframes?

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    I've been observing different variations for settings on the MACD and comparing divergences, etc for my intraday charts, particularly the 5 min and 15 min charts. I'm interested to hear input from anyone else out there who actually applies the MACD to their trading system on intraday charts. And how did you determine the levels you use and why?

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    I suggest not using technical analysis to trade.

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    I have published quite a few charts showing my settings.

    here is one

    here is another

    Here is another

    What I found is that you could adjust your MACD settings to track changes on the time frame that you prefer. One way to do this is to use the previous weeks charts and experiment with the settings until you find those that accurately track changes for your market.

    Also suggest you research the indicator by googling the subject matter.

    Good luck

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  6. Just use the default settings. It really doesn't matter. If your method depends on some specific setting, it's just an indication that it is curve-fitted.
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    How hard was that you walking meat puppets?

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    Thanks for this Steve, this looks very similar to what I've been doing. I've had great results using the MACD to filter CCI triggers to buy/sell the dips and pullbacks. I was originally trading 3 and 5 minute charts on the YM, and a 5 minute chart on the AB. The problem with the CCI alone is that even when using a moving average like the 34 ema on my charts to filter trades I found I was taking false signals, or even moreso like I just didn't get in early enough if the CCI was "swinging" around before it hooked.

    Since using the MACD I've actually moved to a 144 tick chart on the YM and had great results over the past 2 weeks just trading 2 contracts at a time until I'm a bit more confident in my system, with 9 winners and 3 losers just taking zlrs with the MACD in agreement. I'm really reading everything I can on MACD interpretation, so I appreciate your response. On the 144 tick chart I'm using 4,5, and 13 for the settings in eSignal, and then reserved my 5 min charts on the YM and AB for volume/floor pivot breakouts with the CCI as confirmation (if you look back, the CCI will usually break the 100 level simultaneously on these setups).

    Here's a few of my charts just to swap ideas or input. What are you trading BTW?
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  10. How bout the 3-10-16 that Linda Raschke likes and uses(I think on all time frames actually). her Look under educational daily charts.
    I keep fluctuating btew. a 8-13-8 on a 1 minute to like a 16-26-16. Jacked around depending on whether trending or range bound imo. btw-I prefer the histogram(divergences).
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