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  2. Hi pclark.

    I actually posted that same article on another thread a week or so ago.

    From my understanding no indicator was created (for retail traders) whoever, by studying the article you can try to replicate their results.

    Good trading
  3. wow that is really interesting ive never heard of the article im a finance/mathematics major
    ive actually thought about this a couple of times and went nah it wouldnt work without testing im gonna go test.
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    I am working on a strategy based on it. I will let you and Mandrelblot know how it works out and if I come up w/something productive.

  5. so ive been trying to reverse engineer this "system"/"indicator" i know you have been to paul...

    thought maybe id let you into what ive found so far...
    maybe you can hook me up with what youve worked out.

    and make it easier on both of us.

    im going to create a journal of my work and tests in the journal feel free to drop in ill post the link when i got it setup
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    PM'd you.