macd indictor lags, is there software that doesnt

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  1. drjmpc


    Thank you for the enlightenment.

    I have been looking for an oscillator like this but have continously missed it.
    It solves a bunch of headaches for me and allows me to start looking at much shorter trade time frames. Thanks!
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  2. ptolemy


    You are welcome Drjmpc. I must say that I too enjoyed your 1rst above post, it was dead on target and shows that you are on a solid path to becoming one of those proffessional traders. I mostly use indicators to sort and scan, not for enrty or exit. Once a good chart is found it is like finding a gold nugget or burried treasure. You need only apply good common sense mangement rules and patience.

    I am new to this forum - almost three weeks, and it is good smart folks such as yourself and Swordsman that we need more of, and less sarcasm and ignorance. {Rawfist I do not know how your statements enriched this thread in any way? Are you a trader or a troll?}
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  3. rawfist


    Well I can hardly be held responsible for your lack of comprehension now can I

    But if you really want me to enrich this thread then get all those indicators off your charts and put in 10 thousand hours.. there is no other way
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  4. ptolemy


    I have more than 10,000 hours of hard research and study loged in thank you. 15 Years worth. Again I only use a small handfull of indicators to scan for opportunities and not for decision purposes.

    Swordsman has made it clear that he uses no indicators and yet you attack him. I would like to think that we can all come here to share our knowledge and experience, maybe bounce new ideas off each other free from sarcastic spectators who offer nothing to the dialog, only to interupt it.

    Hear is a stock that I just recently entered. Uncovered using one indicator, entered using common sense trade managment skills {no indicators}
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  5. ==================
    we-r+ t/nickname;
    All moving averages lag;
    except one type:cool:
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  6. Charly



    You are waiting for the question - aren't you?? lol:

    which type of MA does not lag??

    + what do you mean by:
    ""we-r+ t/nickname;""

    I don't get the point.

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  7. drjmpc,

    Good post but let's give the Bible the same courtesy of capitalization that you gave Lucifer....
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  8. How the F do you know what long-term studies I have done and have not?? Please get off the high horse.

    The OP wanted to know about MACD's and I was one of the only ones who gave him an answer.

    I've seen too many of your posts and I'm not convinced you know what you are talking about.
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  9. Quote from BullAlert:

    How the F do you know what long-term studies I have done and have not?? Please get off the high horse.

    Because you would only reach the same conclusion, that TA indicators have little value. That is what serious longterm studies of TA by major academic/financial institutions conclude

    The fact that you still continue to dabble with them is evidence enough you never did a serious long study.

    If you wish to dispute this, then try replying with your studies, by all means.
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  10. You first, smartass, since you know the studies I have not done as well as those you have done.

    Other than saying TA is not useful you have demonstrated absolutely no expertise in "price action" or any justification that you personally have developed long-term studies that support your argument. You do mention academia and I suspect this is where your interests lie: with studying published papers. I personally have give academia very little credibility because so many lack any real-world experience. Academics are driven by prestige derived from becoming an "expert" and comfort that comes from never having to put real-world money on the line to validate results. It is much safer to write about it.

    I put my own money on the line not just as a trader but as an investor. I will say that TA becomes more useful with larger time horizons. This is not to say that MACD and other indicators have not helped me on intraday trades.

    So, again I ask you to support your argument.
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