macd indictor lags, is there software that doesnt

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by qwert, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. 100% correct

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  2. As much as I hate to agree with traderzones and THIS guy..:) haha THEY ARE RIGHT.

    Price action is king.
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  3. I would encourage you to continue with the macd. You could use jurik mas or hull or t3 mas instead of those slow emas. Don't worry about overshoot ... its only a problem if the numbers are too small. Don't buy into this price action/human brain stuff.

    I hope you will do this for several years. We will appreciate your generous contributions.
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  4. Tums


    Of course indicators lag.

    But this is not what the OP was asking about...

    There are software that calculates indicators in realtime...

    and there are software that calculates indicators at End-Of-Bar.

    For MultiCharts, all you have to do is to click a checkbox to enable re-calculation every tick.
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    Or maybe he could spend 5 years being a Hershey clown and be no closer to success like you
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    A sharp gal on CNBC this morning said this:

    "The science of trading ponders the past, the art of trading ponders the future"

    Price action has been around forever, makes sense right? When computers came along all of a sudden every Joe Sixpack and Susie Saladmaker was inundated with a thousand new ways to ponder the markets past information. Vendors from newer and greater trading platforms such as TT and others gave us speed and not much more. Gurus sprung up like wildfire and even some quack job fron Tucson decided his lifes calling was to be a pain in the ass with technibabble and infesting everyone elses threads.

    What has all the computer power and all the new ways to decipher historic market indicators done to change the ratio of winners to losers? Right, nothing.

    Tape reading in the early days of trading was nothing but price action, now we have screens instead of the tape.

    Science is about what adds up, what fits, tried and true. Artform is about you and your ability to keep it simple and take calculated risks from what you know, not from what others tell you. The art is about being wrong and dealing with it in order to move on.

    The only software that matters is the gray material between your ears. PRICE action rules.
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  7. Thats a very piggy view. Get out of the trough and let the OP just improve his MACD.
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    kiwi trader

    Actually it is an intelligent view. Can you not handle a women and a "HOG" guide you out of the dark?
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  9. I second this. I tried every indicator under the sun for years but in the end, every one of them are a derivative of price. One of the most beneficial things I ever did was to remove all indicators from my charts.
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  10. I think what it all boils down to for people is the understanding that learning PA is a long and constantly evolving process and most cringe at the thought of putting in tons of screen time. People are lazy and indicators seem easy :)

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